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Ladies in Business: Essential Summer Wardrobe Pieces

First and foremost, I would like to thank the lovely Ladies in Waiting for allowing me the opportunity to be a guest on their blog. I am extremely honored and excited to begin…


Being a lady of the business world, I hope to provide pertinent information to businesswomen and those that aspire to be.

So to begin, I will be providing what I consider (in my humble opinion) the 3 essential summer wardrobe pieces for a lady of business… for the Recessionista of course!

1. The Cardigan– classic and casual; allows you to turn any after 5 outfit into one appropriate for work; protects you from the below zero AC in your office

As a lady of business and a lady in love, I find myself having weeknight dates much more often than before. Who wants to go see their boo dressed in a suit? That’s where the cardigan comes in. Throw on a sleeveless shirt with an open back, cover it up with a cardigan and you’re ready for the 9-5.

Don’t be afraid to embrace colors or prints, though a neutral color may be more practical if it’s your first.

Here are a few ideas…

2. The Light Colored Pencil Skirt- provides ventilation for your gams; helps to display your (hopefully) fly shoes; ladylike

Pants in the summer are never appealing, especially slacks even with the extreme AC very common in offices. A well-fitting, light colored pencil skirt will allow you to enter the office in style and comfort. Pencil skirts offer a classic sillouhette flattering to many bodies and look good with flats, heels, wedges, or anything in between.

Focusing on a lighter color provides the pop necessary for the summer colors being incorporated into your work wardrobe. Just make sure you have the correct undergarments. No supervisor wants to see “PINK” through your skirt.

3. The Summer Dress- cute and flirty, yet professional; allows use of aforementioned cardigan; always classy

I love a well fitting dress, especially when I rock one to the office. If it fits well (read: not too tight) and hits the thigh at an appropriate place, a dress will always be in style in the office. Sleeveless has now become acceptable as well, as long as the straps are not reminiscent of brassiere straps.

Prints are always great and help bring your personality into your work wardrobe. Ensure the print is flattering for your body type though as you would not like the one whispered about around the water cooler, which really happens!

Here are a few of my picks:

Well, I’ve hoped you enjoyed the first installment of Trasee Tuesday’s J Feel free to leave comments or suggestions for future business-oriented blogs. And thanks again to the Ladies in Waiting.

With Love.