Baby Don’t Blow Me Away

Took a little break… a thing called college interfered in my blogging. *sad face*

But now I’m biz-ack and I and have definitely been all up and through the other websites and have seriously developed a crush on Solange. Not like I like her, like her… but a crush on her personality and style and whatnot. Like she’s the famous, curly weaved-out equivalent of myself.

She likes bright colors, taking chances in shoes (I love a good fugly shoe), short dresses and skirts (my fav wardrobe pieces) and just funky things and alternative lyrics n sounds n stuff.

So I decided to dedicate a blog to her. With a few videos and pictures that I enjoy of her.

First, her new video for “Sandcastle Disco,” a song I have been listening to for so long that it is in my iPod’s Top 25 Played list (to be discussed more in detail later). Love it… or hate it, but I love it and every outfit in it! 🙂 I’m kinda disappointed that Q-Tip isn’t in the video tho I dig both versions of the song.

Next up is an entertaining video from the DC Soul Stage Concert in which she performs “I Decided,” another one of my favorites for the moment. It shows Solange performing her set as usual and then being interrupted by a fan but showing him much love. I love it.

I would rock this… but prob couldn’t afford it even with my M.B.A.

<<<<<< I really like this look too 🙂

Okay, I’m officially done hanging on her proverbial nutsack. (Don’t question my vocab choices, this is my shit!)

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do and plan to download her ENTIRE album as soon as it become available on Ares


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