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This was posted a while back on Facebook notes, blogging for pussies. I was one of em not too long ago but I have since graduated to this site, but I decided to share this on my new blog since it received a few comments on Facebook. Enjoy it.

I, like many others, was duped into watching The Bet Awards. I’m a fan of all things entertainment, but I don’t know about these this year…

So I have come up with my 20 questions for The Bet Awards.

My 20 Questions for the 2008 BET Awards

1. Was Usher’s performance not the WACKEST performance of the night?

2. Did he really think it was okay to lip sync?

3. Didn’t Alicia Keys make you miss 90s music just a bit?

4. And why did Neyo and Chris Breezy upstage Usher???

5. Where was Jay and B?

6. And with all the commercials during the breaks, is Baldwin Hills real or fake?

7. Didn’t it seem like there were more performances than awards?

8. Who let Frankie out of the house?

9. And who thought it would be a good idea to give her and Neffie a mic?

10. Speaking of mics, was it just me or were they all EXTRA low the entire show?

11. Where was Andre 3K?

12. Wasn’t Soulja Boy’s “Yuuuuulle” joke about voting the funniest of all the at the mic jokery?

13. Where did Maxwell come from?

14. And can he stay for a little while? 🙂

15. And didn’t he just about out sing everyone!?!?!?

16. Was that leather suit Terrence had on while presenting the Viewer’s Choice Award?

17. Didn’t Rihanna favor Prince during her performance?

18. Isn’t Alicia Keys looking better and better every time we see her?

19. There were rumors that Usher, B, and Weezy were gonna hit the stage to perform Love in this Club 2. Wouldn’t that have been genius?

20. Wasn’t the theme of T-Pain’s performance just PERFECT for him?

Okay… one more… Didn’t Weezy just kill the show with his closing performance???


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