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OMG x WTL x T.G.I.F = FFF( Fashion Fix Fridays)

Small Introduction
NAME: Malia
AGE: old enough for your fine, swagger-jacking , Barack Obama looking Daddy
PURPOSE: to inject your veins/webservers with a little bit of fashion narcotics every Friday… Lets jump into it!

Its not time to put away those glossy toned legs just yet. Whether rockin’ these cutie booties with a ultra short mini like SOL-ANGEL (see previous posts), or with a pair of “yes I’m still relevant” chic skinny jeans, a must in your closet are a pair of booties.

Featured here to the left are the L.A.M.B. Camden Booties(retail price $430, Damn GWEN!) but at AKIRA on North Ave (plug) you can get them for $399 plus a %15 discount from me HOLLA (frankie’s voice). Also available in Black for you conformers.

For those daring alpha females out there whose not afraid of the platform we have the L.A.M.B. Hanshu Two Core Bootie here to the right, (retail price $415) and also available in green.

On that college “I’m broke, but ill be even more broke when the Direct Loan people come searching for their money” Budget? Well the BCBGirls line has got you covered.
The Rauls and the Malaya are coming in a strong 1st and 2nd for their fall must haves on my list.
TIP 1: Do not shy away from open toe booties! You can create a whole different look when you accompany them with some fab tights or a fly pedicure.
TIP 2: Though vintage shops have gone a little “Commercial”, try stopping in one just for kicks to see if you can find your very own treasured Pirate’s BoOtiE.. eerrrhhh matie!
First up we have the Herve Leger Mini Skirt made famous by..Drum roll Please … Rhianna, Dawn Richards (DK), Aubrey (DK) sidebar: i know y’all bitches aren’t talking to each other now but can’t y’all stylists converse, Cassie,a whole host of white women I’m sure, Thelma from Good Times, Milona Woods (joccin Thelma), and Adina Howard( spent her stimulus check to cop hers). Ok ENOUGH ladies I hear APPLE BOTTOMS has an OUTSTANDING fall line. (you will come to know and love my sarcasm.)
Next Up are the PIERRE HARDY metallic strappy reptilian inspired caged sandal.
Same ni&&@ from Glenwood, the same ni&&A.ttp:// (sidebar) Anyway these same Ladies love to steal from the same fashion cookie jar I see. Selita Ebanks was the first on my radar to rock them when she appeared on Tyra’s black model celebration show back on August 12th. THESE HEFFAS to the left are LATE.
Let the HERVE Rest next week ladies. The only exception will be if Andre J slips his Long Lucsious legs in one.
Ok One and Done, all you guys get today is 2 pumps and a biscuit! It was fun but i was suppose to leave work early today (traffic, traffic, looking for my chap stick, there’s a ford maverick)!
BIG THINGS POPPIN FOR NEXT WEEK: MAGIC/ PROJECT/SLATE trade show recap in Vegas (for those who adore streetwear). And a little peek at Spring 09 because MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK opens its tents SEPT 2nd Baby! and more slick talk, partying, and Bullshitting.
Back to you TRAY-SAY..

And another one

So I stumbled across this track while perusing other sites when I’m supposed to be completing homework and researching grad school (f**k the future!)

Anywho, I pretty much hate Rihanna, but curosity made me listen to this cat-ass track. I don’t like it. WTF is T.I. doing? I mean her style’s fly, but her voice, her so-called “talent,” sounds like a damn cat.

It’s called “Living my Life,” kinda like an inspirational track or something. And she sounds worse than ever…

But here it is. 🙂

New Music Tuesdays

So I figure I need something to inspire me to blog as often as possible since I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.

Of course, I will continue to post the newest videos of interest or debate but I will also begin to post new songs as I stumble across them.

I present… **drum roll please**


In honor of John Legend’s recent video posting on my site (Green Light, check out his swag), I have new diddy for you…

“If You’re Out There”: it’s a little stadium sounding to me and quite African-inspirational, like Lion King ish. So I’m not really feeling it, but here it is.

Next up is the newest quotable song in hip hop

“Sagger Like Mine,” by T.I. featuring (are you ready…) Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Little Wayne (his name ain’t Bic but he keeps that flame).

In all respect, I thought this track would go just a teensy bit harder but, nonetheless, each rapper offers their usual “Facebook status”-worthy rhymes. Of course all these other artists make me forget about T.I., I’m sorry! But he’s not really the one-liner guy, and all of these men are really. But ah well…

Here it is
swagger like us – t.i. ft kanye west, jay-z & lil wayne

Since 3 is the number of completion, here’s one more for your eardrums.

She was the inspiration for the title of my blog and I definitely have to show here love. I have been listening to all kinds of Keri Hilson, basically anything I could find on Ares. This song is no exception, but I guess it looks like it’s gonna be released to the public so your turn to enjoy it.

I’m not an R&B fan necessarily. Okay, I’ll pretty much say I just like the good ish (i.e. no Pretty Ricky, Jagged Edge, etc.) and Keri is pretty much my fav right now.

This song is called “Slow Dance” and she sounds great and the groove of the song is nice too. 😉 I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. I have a little crush on her too. Probably more than I have on Solange. Enjoy please and thank you.

Slow Dance – Keri Hilson

And one more thing about New Music Tuesdays… I went to Best Buy AND Target today to go BUY Solange like the responsible music lover I am and… NEITHER THE STORE HAD IT! W-T-F!!!

Now I have to download it and shit… damn!


I’m definitely a Barack Fanatic! And honestly, not because of his political stances, so sue me!

He has the best swagger of any would-be President, he is married to an intelligent and strong black woman, he has two beautiful daughters that you can tell are a major force in his life, and it doesn’t help he’s kinda fly to look at too.

So here’s an excerpt from the end of Michelle Obama’s speech at the first day of the Democratic National Convention.

I loved how he shouted her out like he was proud she had his last name. That’s love!

Also, here’s the opening to Michelle’s Speech at the convention as told by her mother. It’s beautiful.

New Ish…

Sorry for the delay, school is ruining my life.

I’m posting this video just because I can and because I love both artists on the song. Enjoy and I hope I won’t stay away as long.

John Legend f. Andre3K “Green Light”

Now for a little tomfoolery for your day…

T-Pain f. Little Wayne “Can’t Believe It.” I had to post it, just because he’s a fool. Enjoy it… or don’t. I don’t care. Cuz it particulary didn’t like it, but T-Pain is like a car wreck, you wanna watch him but you hate what you see.

Baby Don’t Blow Me Away

Took a little break… a thing called college interfered in my blogging. *sad face*

But now I’m biz-ack and I and have definitely been all up and through the other websites and have seriously developed a crush on Solange. Not like I like her, like her… but a crush on her personality and style and whatnot. Like she’s the famous, curly weaved-out equivalent of myself.

She likes bright colors, taking chances in shoes (I love a good fugly shoe), short dresses and skirts (my fav wardrobe pieces) and just funky things and alternative lyrics n sounds n stuff.

So I decided to dedicate a blog to her. With a few videos and pictures that I enjoy of her.

First, her new video for “Sandcastle Disco,” a song I have been listening to for so long that it is in my iPod’s Top 25 Played list (to be discussed more in detail later). Love it… or hate it, but I love it and every outfit in it! 🙂 I’m kinda disappointed that Q-Tip isn’t in the video tho I dig both versions of the song.

Next up is an entertaining video from the DC Soul Stage Concert in which she performs “I Decided,” another one of my favorites for the moment. It shows Solange performing her set as usual and then being interrupted by a fan but showing him much love. I love it.

I would rock this… but prob couldn’t afford it even with my M.B.A.

<<<<<< I really like this look too 🙂

Okay, I’m officially done hanging on her proverbial nutsack. (Don’t question my vocab choices, this is my shit!)

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do and plan to download her ENTIRE album as soon as it become available on Ares


Everyone that knows me knows that I believe in conspiracies and the like.

So, we are all we aware that the comedic genius Bernie Mac has left this Earth but Isaac Hayes has recently joined him. Both died of what appear to be natural causes.

Bernie appears to have passed from a recent battle with pneumonia with an already compromised immune system due to a previous illness.

Now Isaac Hayes has been found in home unconscious with the treadmill still running next to him. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

Normally, this would just be a freak occurrence, but both of them are set to start in an upcoming movie. Soul Men

Who else is set to star in this movie that seems set to have a curse attached to it..


I hope this is all just freakish random happening otherwise Sam Jackson better be careful. Not to make light of death, but seriously, what is going on with this movie?